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Adewale Azeez

Company Agent at The Wallington Realties

    About Adewale Azeez

    Azeez Adewale; C.E.O of The Wallington Realties Ltd, is an ambitious young leader, a father, husband, mentor, and visionary. He’s a Real Estate and Properties business mogul, with experience of over 12 years as an African real estate associate and in other countries of the world.

    When considering a Real Estate Agent in Lagos, you need a skilled negotiator who is accessible and responsive to your specific real estate needs. By choosing The Wallington Realties, your best interests will be represented by a local leader who is ready to assist you every step of the way.

    Wallington Realties Limited is a leading Real Estate and properties agency,  operating across Nigeria, headquartered in Lagos. We are known for our uniqueness and innovative approach to dealing with the outside world.

    Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, Azeez Adewale is a highly respected and established Realtor with an extensive background and insight into the real estate market and the local community. With a passion for interior design and an eye for architecture. Wallington is committed to providing high-quality, professional service throughout every aspect of your real estate transaction.

    He has handled, signed, and sealed real estate deals of over 400 properties both home and abroad, including houses, hotels, apartments, factories, recreation centers, and so on.

    As a leading entrepreneur of different specializations, Azeez Adewale is also the Chief Executive Officer for Westwood Entertainment, a music record label, and entertainment business firm, creating a platform for young music artists, to be showcased to the world, promoted, and help achieve their dreams. He has been nominated and won a few awards of excellence both home and abroad.

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